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"As a Real Estate Appraiser, my opinion of market value depends on the reliability of information provided by professional brokers and agents. Alex Haidar at Skyline Realty is more than competent in interpreting market trends and providing true sales information. He is incomparably professional and willing to go above-and-beyond to help with any request I've ever made--for free. It means something when you're willing to display your professional prowess within the industry. Look no further, Alex and his team can provide for all your needs--and more."

T. B., Boston, MA

"Being a university professor and a first-time buyer, I had little time to search online and to understand the process of buying. Thank you for being patient and sharing your wealth of real estate information with me. In a way, I feel that I have taken a private first-time buyer real estate course and found my dream home."

E. M., Brookline, MA

“Skyline is fantastic. If you take the process of buying and/or selling a property seriously and have the necessary patience and humor to navigate the challenging market, you will be in the best of hands.”

A. Y., Arlington, MA

“Alex and Skyline Realty maintain a list of local craftsmen who are ready to improve one’s property and care for it at an amazing level of expertise and at a reasonable price.”

W. W., Cambridge, MA

“My recent experience with everyone at Skyline has been much better than great. The agents answer promptly, don't give you any bull, and give out good, helpful information. They are easy to deal with, kind, polite, and always ready and willing to help above and beyond 100%. I want everyone to know about Skyline because they are professional and very good at helping you find the right place for you. You will not be disappointed. They are the best!”

G. B., Boston, MA

“I had a very smooth move with Skyline. After just moving to the Boston area, I walked in off the street and met with a realtor (Alex), who immediately took me around to see some places. He was very helpful and friendly, and over the next few days worked around my schedule to help me secure a wonderful apartment.”

D.G., Cambridge, MA

"I was having a very hard time finding an apartment for my son in Cambridge. After spending countless hours online and going out with two other realtors, I called Skyline Realty after reading positive reviews on Yelp. I wasn't disappointed. The minute we walked into the office, Alex was at work finding my son the perfect apartment. His countless emails and phone calls closed the deal. He even called me on a Saturday night to follow up on the lease.”

M. F., Somerville, MA

"Alex with his keen marketing expertise got my condo traction on all major real estate engines including Zillow and my condo was rented within three weeks! Being an extremely busy professional, I've entrusted my property management to Alex too. For a very reasonable fee, I have peace of mind that my property is in great hands with Skyline Realty. Thank you again, Alex! You always amaze me in how professional you are and your ability to deliver on a promise! Now I'm settled in the 'burbs and focusing on my work -- worry free...”

A.S., Arlington, MA

"Alex was incredibly easy to work with. He was very responsive to what I wanted and was looking for, and spent the time going through and finding places worth my time looking at. He never wasted my time on a place that wasn't a fit. When we found my apartment he was very quick to communicate and set up everything, including helping me with the application, lease, and any negotiations needed. He was always happy to explain everything to me and was a pleasure to work with.”

S.A., Boston, MA

"Skyline is an outstanding, trustworthy company who will do only good for your building. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions."

M.C., Charlestown

"We use Skyline to manage our real estate investment portfolio. Skyline is always extremely professional, impartial and always represents the best interests of their clients."

D.K., Cambridge

"Skyline helped our association save thousands of dollars due to mismanagement and budget issues. They helped reduce expenses while increasing the level of services."

B.R., Boston

“My father and I want to thank you for finding us buyers for our new condos in such a short time after managing for us for so many years. Working with you has always been pleasure and to us your are the number one real estate company. The best!”

G.V., Chestnut Hill

"Skyline helps us maintain our historic brownstone in great condition and promptly takes care of all maintenance, renovations, and tenant problems."

J.O., Charlestown

"Just wanted to say you guys have been awesome in handling my rental! I'm never worried about anything and can always count on you to come through or help with any problems. If there is anything I can do to relay this feedback to help you just let me know."

K.N., Medford

"Skyline is an outstanding, trustworthy company who will do only good for your building. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions."

Z.B., Cambridge