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“Alex was incredibly easy to work with. He was very responsive to what I wanted and was looking for, and spent the time going through and finding places worth my time looking at. He never wasted my time on a place that wasn’t a fit. When we found my apartment he was very quick to communicate and set up everything, including helping me with the application, lease, and any negotiations needed. He was always happy to explain everything to me and was a pleasure to work with.”

S.A., Boston, MA

“I had the pleasure of working with Alex Haidar for the past two years. He not only found me an amazing loft style condo in Arlington, MA in just two weeks BUT he also helped me rent it in three weeks! Just around Christmas, I was under a very tight deadline for work to relocate to a suburb of Boston. Despite the holiday lull, I was optimistic that Alex could get my place rented quickly, but 2-3 weeks was very aggressive, especially during the winter holiday season! Needless to say, Alex with his keen marketing expertise got my condo traction on all major real estate engines including Zillow and my condo was rented within three weeks! Being an extremely busy professional, I’ve entrusted my property management to Alex too. For a very reasonable fee, I have peace of mind that my property is in great hands with Skyline Realty. Thank you again, Alex! You always amaze me in how professional you are and your ability to deliver on a promise!  Now I’m settled in the ‘burbs and focusing on my work — worry free…”

A.S., Arlington, MA

“I was having a very hard time finding an apartment for my son in Cambridge. After spending countless hours online and going out with two other realtors, I called Skyline Realty after reading positive reviews on Yelp. I wasn’t disappointed. The minute we walked into the office, Alex was at work finding my son the perfect apartment. His countless emails and phone calls closed the deal. He even called me on a Saturday night to follow up on the lease.”

M. F., Somerville, MA

“I had a very smooth move with Skyline.  After just moving to the Boston area, I walked in off the street and met with a realtor (Alex), who immediately took me around to see some places.  He was very helpful and friendly, and over the next few days worked around my schedule to help me secure a wonderful apartment.”

D.G., CambridgeMA

“My recent experience with everyone at Skyline has been much better than great. The agents answer promptly, don’t give you any bull, and give out good, helpful information. They are easy to deal with, kind, polite, and always ready and willing to help above and beyond 100%. I want everyone to know about Skyline because they are professional and very good at helping you find the right place for you. You will not be disappointed. They are the best!”

G. B., BostonMA

“Walked into this place on whim, ended up finding the perfect house for me and five of my friends. Issam was our agent. He was fantastic. Helpful in every way, and totally accommodating, going out of his way to help some college kids navigate the housing world. Classy, and far more professional than other realty companies we worked with. A sure win, in my book.”

S. M., CambridgeMA

“Recently, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of working with Issam Shalhoub of Skyline Realty. Now, anyone who has gone through the process of detailing your requests and contacting realty companies one by one know how much of  a complete nightmare it can be. I spent hours speaking with various professionals trying to find exactly the right apartment for us. On a given day, I could contact up to 20 people, tell them exactly what I wanted, and not get a response back, at least in the 2 weeks I spent looking around. Once Issam contacted me back through a Craigslist ad, he immediately inquired into the exact specifications which I was looking for and found a property that not only had every single detail, down to a beautiful brick patio/backyard with a BBQ gas grill for summer grilling, but he even over delivered by not wasting any of our time, and immediately taking us to the house he knew we would love. Issam’s professionalism, diligence, and gregariousness made securing our new home, effortless, efficient, and most of all, extremely exciting! I highly recommend working with Issam to find your next home and I believe that his work speaks volumes about the kind of Customer Service you can expect at Skyline Realty.”

A. R., SomervilleMA

“At Skyline Realty you can be sure you will be treated like royalty. My husband and I have a very busy work schedule with little time to search for a place to live, but Brent made searching a pleasure for us. He is very accommodating, flexible, and knowledgeable. He keeps us updated and informed and is always available to help us out. He found us just what we are looking for and made the process a pleasure. The rental place is perfect for now, and he will keep searching for a house to buy. Brent is great to work with and you can be sure that he will not forget about you. He will find the place you are looking for. You won’t be disappointed and I would not look any further than Skyline for either rental or purchasing a place to live. They cover many areas outside of the city of Boston too, and that is where he will be searching for a house for us. We are excited!”

M. C., CharlestownMA

“Alex Haidar is an exceptional broker.  He understands the fundamental of real estate deeply and aims to please all those involved in the transaction.  He was the seller’s broker, but he enabled me, the buyer, to acquire a property exactly suited to me at a price both acceptable to the seller and me.  At each step of the way he was clear and honest. For example, he pointed out some aspects of the property that might not please me.  He also oversaw a duel of two prospective buyers in which even we both came away satisfied property-wise.  He found exactly the appropriate real estate for the losing bidder who then bought it. For Alex, real estate is not a cut-throat battle of opposing interests. Rather it a process of negotiation among equals to distribute housing to those in need of purchase or desirous of sale.Last but not least, Alex and Skyline Realty maintain a list of local craftsmen who are ready to improve one’s property and care for it at an amazing level of expertise and at a reasonable price.”

W. W., CambridgeMA

“After seeing an apartment on craigslist, we made an appointment to see it with Basema, from Skyline Realty.  From the get-go, Basema was a pleasure to deal with.  She worked around our schedule to meet at a time that was best for us, and when we loved the apartment she handled all negotiations with the landlord.  With her help, we were able to move in a month later than the landlord wanted (meeting our timeline) and she was able to secure a parking spot that wasn’t originally included. This was especially helpful as all negotiations and signings took place long-distance since we don’t currently live in the area. Basema was quick and responsive by both email and phone and always a pleasure to talk to. It really felt like she was working for us and not just the landlord. I would highly recommend calling her if you’re looking for an apartment in the Boston area.”

A. K. Somerville, MA 

“My boyfriend and I are moving to Somerville in the Fall and spent weeks searching for exactly what we wanted and getting in contact with other realty agencies that often weren’t helpful or friendly.  We started to think the process of finding an apartment in the Cambridge/Somerville area would be difficult and unpleasant until we stumbled upon Skyline Realty.  Working with Alex and Basema was such a pleasure!  We drove up to the Boston area last minute from Virginiato see a place we really liked, and they were extremely helpful before and during our visit.  Alex promptly returned phone calls and helped us compile our application materials before arriving.  Once in town, the process of seeing the place and signing for it was efficient and easy.  The whole experience was the perfect combination of appropriately professional and personal.  We even got to meet Alex’s new puppy! We definitely recommend working with Skyline Realty if you’re looking to rent in the area!”

A. A., SomervilleMA

“Buying and selling property is not a trivial process (even though the television shows make the transactions seem like magic — and the subsequent paperwork a piece of cake). Especially in today’s ever-evolving market (from FHA loans to fluctuating interest rates to listing prices that seem frenetic), you need a professional on your side — someone who has been through the churn: the good times, the okay times, and the bad times of Boston real estate. Alex of Skyline is just that person. My wife and I have known Alex for over a decade — he first helped us rent an apartment in Somerville; buy our first condo in Jamaica Plain; and this past month, managed the sale of our JP property (we sold nearly at list) and the purchase of a new one in Arlington (we paid well under list). In short, we are “lifers” when it comes to Alex.

 Professional: Absolutely. Alex quickly becomes your confidant—finding out what you want and not wasting your time. Moreover, he knows the market (he is not going to put you in a place that will leave you in the lurch). He is also brutally honest (especially when you need him to be). In the case of our buyer, Alex even stepped in after her realtor went AWOL. Trust me, if you have ever dealt with an incompetent agent, you will soon see the value of working with someone who really cares about what he does (and knows the complexities of the regulations). Buying/selling is very stressful on its own. Real estate is a combination of gut instinct (I want that!) and trust (I am confident that someone has my back). You need someone like Alex who is both excited (he loves what he does) and grounded (he knows his stuff). Personal: Unless you are part of the uber-wealthy jet set, you need to *heart* your realtor. We *heart* Alex. He was there for us when we needed him most. And unlike many of the other agents we worked with (esp. on the seller side) he actually *shows* up. We were aghast by the number of who seem to have no interest in doing their job. If your home is truly where your heart is, working with someone who looks beyond the transaction is essential. As important, Alex is fun, good humored, and easy to work with. If you have someone great, you will spend a lot of time with him/her hunting houses. He made the search process less of a chore and more of an adventure — and kept our spirits up when we continued to utter “they want how much?! … for that?! … Who puts two massive bathrooms in a 1,000 sq foot condo? … Wow, the view is of a wall!”

 Connected. Alex knows great people. From our banker to our lawyer to contractors, he is well connected. Each link in the chain was equally strong in our case. As we experienced some ups and downs (alas, which is normal) with our sale/purchase, having an excellent team on our side helped to preserve our sanity. All of them worked together — and were on our side. Again, as mentioned above, we also encountered other lawyers and bankers (of the sellers of the place we bought) who had zero interest in the human side of the job. We experienced everything from overt sexism to dumb last minute provisions to rudeness to indifference.

As for our team, we plan to invite everyone who helped with our sale/purchase over for dinner. Everyone deserves a gold star. Exceptional: Alex, and by extension, his team at Skyline is fantastic. If you take the process of buying and/or selling a property seriously and have the necessary patience and humor to navigate the challenging market, you will be in the best of hands.”

A. Y., ArlingtonMA

“Basema at Skyline is the best. Last fall, my girlfriend and I decided to move to Cambridge. We had seen an ad for a decent looking place on Craigslist, a posting that Jim at Skyline had put up. I drove up from New Jersey to see the apartment, which after falling in love with, I signed for that day. Unfortunately, after three weeks of uncertainty, it turned out that the owner of the property decided he wanted to hold on to it to sell. After this news, Basema started sending me new listings over email every day, like she was determined to get us into a place. After a few days, she called me, saying that she had a place I had to see. She didn’t have any pictures, but she insisted that it was perfect for us. I trusted her, and drove up that night. She even gave me money to come up the second time, because she wanted to make sure that that wouldn’t get in the way of me coming up right away to see the place. So we met in the morning, had a coffee, and then went over to the apartment. She was right, I loved it. I called my girlfriend to tell her about it, and we decided to sign for it. This time it ended happily, and now here we are in our new apartment. If it weren’t for Basema, I’m not sure where we would’ve had to settle for.”

J. R., CambridgeMA

“My father and I want to thank you for finding us buyers for our new condos in such a short time. For the past three years, working with you has always been pleasure and to us your are the number one real estate broker. The best!”

G. V., Chestnut HillMA

“Being a university professor and a first-time buyer, I had little time to search online and to understand the process of buying. Thank you for being patient and sharing your wealth of real estate information with me. In a way, I feel that I have taken a private first-time buyer real estate course and found my dream home.”

E. M., BrooklineMA

“We found Alex’ Skyline Realty through a recommendation from a colleague and this was the best thing that could have happened to us. During the entire engagement he was focusing on our wishes and interests. The experience to work with Alex and his company is simply outstanding. He knows the area (Boston/Cambridge) in and out. He is sensitive to the small things that make a place the right place for a specific customer.”

C. H., CambridgeMA

“Alex has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism in providing not only the best service but also in applying superior details to his work. Alex has great creative talent and I would recommend his work and ethics to anyone who would require his services.”

E. D., BostonMA

“Alex has done a great job in finding me exactly what I wanted. At first, I did not how the process work and I was using several agents. Alex actually found something that was about to hit the market and no one knew about!”

H. N., SomervilleMA

“When my husband and I moved to Boston years ago, Skyline’s owner was our real estate agent. Alex Haidar found just what we were looking for within a day. That was our first Boston apartment and we loved every second of living there. Skyline knows the market, has the expertise and its owner and agents are professional, courteous, friendly, and hard working on behalf of their clients. And because they know the market well, they will also manage client’s (sometimes unreasonable) expectations, even if that means not sugar-coating the facts. We had seen other agencies that ran questionable operations trying to quickly cash in on the real estate boom in Boston without regard to quality. Alex, on the other hand, advises his clients and gives them the facts to make informed decisions.”

D. L., ArlingtonMA

“As a Real Estate Appraiser, my opinion of market value depends on the reliability of information provided by professional brokers and agents. Alex Haidar at Skyline Realty is more than competent in interpreting market trends and providing true sales information. He is incomparably professional and willing to go above-and-beyond to help with any request I’ve ever made–for free. It means something when you’re willing to display your professional prowess within the industry. Look no further, Alex and his team can provide for all your needs–and more.”

T. B., BostonMA